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Anxiety in Men

Anxiety in Men

Anxiety is a normal function of life, a feature of evolution that’s meant to protect us. From the days of our earliest ancestors when men were warriors, anxiety was an alarm system that served to protect us from blood-thirsty predators. But in today’s world, the predators look different.

They’ve been replaced by intangible threats such as work, materialism, social media, politics, and more. And our survival instincts have changed, too. We dream about having more. We think that if only we could take that beach vacation, make more money, own a bigger house, have the right partner, THEN there’d be nothing left to worry about. The truth is, we will never have enough, and anxiety will still be with us, no matter how successful we become. Because anxiety is fundamental to who we are as vulnerable humans.

The drive to survive will always be imprinted in our DNA. So we’ve got to pay attention to anxiety and examine our attitudes towards it, rather than try to escape it. We need to recognize what it’s doing to our body, our minds, and what it’s telling us about our current situation.
Anxiety is here to stay. So let’s learn to deal with it, laugh about it, and share it with your fellow man.

1 in 5

One in five men will have an anxiety diagnosis during their lifetime.

-Men’s Health


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in the United States, affecting 18 percent of the population.

– Anxiety & Depression Association of America


About 20 percent of Americans who have depression or anxiety also have a substance use disorder.

– Addiction Center


Less than 37% of people who experience anxiety seek treatment.

– Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety Symptoms

When is anxiety a problem? When we try to escape it and it starts to interfere with our everyday life. Anxiety manifests in men in different ways. We tend to obsess over status; try to hide our anxiety with anger or by being irritable; or we resort to drugs and alcohol to escape. Specifically, when we ignore anxiety in men, it starts to look and feel like this:

  • Pounding heart, tight chest
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tight or constricted throat
  • Dizziness, restlessness
  • Insomnia or exhaustion
  • Panic attacks
  • Excessive fear or worry
  • Irritability or edginess
  • Instrusive or racing thoughts
  • Absentmindedness
  • Fear of losing control
  • Avoiding people or places

Types of Anxiety in Men

Left untreated, anxiety can manifest itself in many different forms. Here are a few ways anxiety can start to interfere with your life.

Consistency is key

Break the stigma

You are enough

Take the next step
Don’t give up

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