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Understanding ADHD

ADHD falls under the umbrella of neurodiversity, and can lead to symptoms that have the potential to affect various aspects of a person’s life. It can influence attention, impulsivity, and focus. Many people who experience ADHD also struggle with mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety), low self-esteem, chronic stress, and addictive behaviours. Everyone experiences ADHD differently, despite common themes and overlaps in symptoms. If you have ADHD, you will experience a unique constellation of symptoms that are specific to you and may look different from the next person with ADHD.

The Impact of ADHD

ADHD’s impact extends beyond attention and impulsivity. Procrastination, difficulty focusing, poor time management, and difficulty completing tasks can also plague an individual with ADHD. It can also negatively impact relationships, contribute to difficulty regulating emotions, and impact motivation and drive. On the other hand, individuals with ADHD often have sparks of creativity, remain focused on a task that they are interested in, and generate ideas faster than others. It is important to recognize the blessings that accompany ADHD, and to harness these while managing the more difficult symptoms.

Getting Assessed for ADHD 🩺

Cost of Assessment is $500.00 CAD + tax

Participating in an assessment for ADHD is often the first step individuals take towards accepting that this is a part of their lives. The Assessment process involves having a structured conversation with a practitioner who will lead you through a series of questions about your experiences with ADHD, in relation to your work, school experience, relationships, family, and current symptoms. It is important to note that an assessment is not the same as a diagnosis. An assessment is necessary to receive a diagnosis from your physician or a psychologist.

Part of the assessment will involve clarifying your constellation of symptoms, which will then be used to collaborate on a treatment plan. This may or may not include medication, coaching, or counselling.

How Counselling can help

Counselling can help you navigate the experience of ADHD by addressing the shame, self-judgement, fear and disappointment that often comes with ADHD. You may also want to work through difficulties you have with emotional regulation and relationship issues (including how to communicate with your loved ones about the ADHD). Counselling can also help you unlearn the unhelpful narratives that may have been placed on you throughout your life as you’ve struggled with the ADHD (ex. Being lazy, not caring enough, etc.). Part of this unlearning is being able to understand and identify the strengths that ADHD gives you, turning it from something that could be holding you back to something that you can harness and use to propel you forward in your life.
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