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What Gets Measured Gets Done

Report cards, performance appraisals, 360 reviews…from a young age, we are conditioned to measure our efforts. And you know what? It works. Measuring keeps us accountable and focused. Also, guys love measuring stuff (and we don’t mean pulling out the tape measure to build a shed or compare the length of various body parts). We mean guys’ practical nature makes us naturally responsive to stats, numbers, data, and graphs. Performance metrics gives us the information we need to improve and succeed.

This is why men are attracted to things like training, coaching and professional development – these programs are developed to appeal to a man’s empirical nature. And the popularity of these services shows us that guys have no problem working on themselves and evolving, as long as it’s goal oriented. So what’s stopping men from thinking the same way about counselling?

The problem with counselling

Guys like to know that they’re working towards goals but given the subjective nature of counselling it’s hard to measure results. Plus, traditional counselling doesn’t incorporate progress measurement or reporting, instead they expect the efficacy to speak for itself. To most guys, counselling appears open-ended and waffly, without precise inputs or outputs and with no goal orientation. So how can someone know if they’re moving in the right direction if they’re not mapping their efforts? It’s no surprise to us that men are killing themselves at four times the rate of women, taking 11 years to diagnose a mental issue, or relying on stimulants and anger to get them through daily life.

Getting counselling to work for men

Without a structure to direct and organize effort, it’s unlikely that any actions will ‘somehow’ self organize into anything meaningful. Plus, we’ll never know when we’ve arrived at a solution because we’ll never know what problem we’re working on. We’re tackling this problem head-on with the creation of a male-oriented framework.

The Manifest Method works exceptionally well for men by providing them with a clear chronology, accountability and metrics tracking. We’ve blended the best aspects of coaching, personal development, and professional training to create a high performing program that provides measurable and successful outcomes.

What to expect

Our Method addresses what’s important to guys and demystifies the counselling process. Guys who come in will:

  • Have an assessment by a senior counsellor and get paired up with a counsellor that meets their specific criteria (our fit rate is 5 times better than the national average).
  • Work with a client manager to understand how to interact with their counsellor in order to get the most from their counselling experience (most guys don’t think that talking is medicine so need some help understanding how it works).
  • Understand what stages they need to go through and what the inputs and outputs are likely to be (helps with preparation, reduces anxiety, and clarifies the process and their contribution to it).
  • Determine how many times they’ll need to attend, with the understanding that the session will be finite and will ‘actually’ end (in other words, they won’t be stuck in counselling indefinitely).
  • Design specific goals that are important to them. This guides the therapeutic methods and metrics (so the client’s treatment is customized to them).
  • Experiment with newly learned tools in the real world (instead of getting stuck in conversational paralysis in the clinic).
  • Measure progress incrementally using proprietary and industry-standard methods to make sure they are making progress and reaching their goals.
  • And here’s the big one – they understand the true nature of their issue and how they were fixed, so that they can replicate it themselves in future (by developing this mental agility, guys become self sufficient).
Counselling geared towards men works

Our approach is working: the industry average number of counselling visits is 1.6. That means guys go to counselling and then leave almost immediately. Ours is eight, which means guys are getting what they need. Here’s even more proof that a framework that measures outcomes works:

  • 85% of clients report that this form of counselling is different and more beneficial.
  • 94% of clients indicate they are happy with our counselling method.
  • 83% of clients feel better about their situation after just three sessions.
  • 92% of clients say they are equipped to deal with similar situations in the future.

At Manifest, we can design a program that will increase your ability to win at life more often. If you’re interested in this approach please reach out.

Break the stigma ❌

You are enough 😇

Break the stigma ❌

You are enough 😇

Don’t just talk about it, do it ✨

Don’t just talk about it, do it ✨

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