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Feeling Apathy for Life?

One of the consequences of modern life is that some men feel disconnected. Gone are the days of hunting to feed our tribe, making things with our hands, or discovering new lands. Instead of meaningful pursuits, we waste time living up to societal expectations while taking care of mundane responsibilities and lose our motivation.

We lose our drive to the point where we can’t imagine there’s much more to life than numbing ourselves with TV, video games, mind-altering substances, or the black-hole of the internet. Here’s the thing. Most of us won’t be tapped on the shoulder and told that we’re the chosen one. Instead, we have to find the drive within ourselves. The strength to follow our dreams comes from within.

Humans are awesome, but there are a lot of obstacles in our way.

We need to stop assuming we’re lazy, selfish or stupid and know that we’re active, caring and smart. We need to stop waiting for someone to tell us what to do and take the initiative to do it ourselves. Work with us to figure out what your obstacles are and then get engaged in life.


30.6 percent of men have suffered from a period of depression in their lifetime.

– American Psychological Association


It takes up to 11 years from the onset of a mental health symptom to seek treatment.

– Health Services Research


80 to 90 percent of people who seek help for depression are treated successfully.

– TADS Study


80 percent of people report that counselling improved their life.

– American Psychological Association

Symptoms of Feeling Apathy

Everyone experiences occasional apathy, but left untreated, it can become more serious, and your level of function will suffer. To be diagnosed with apathy, you must meet four criteria for four weeks or more, including: a lack of motivation, exhibit disinterest through behaviour or thinking, your quality of life has decreased, and there are no other underlying conditions that have caused the change.

  • Low energy levels levels
  • Listless, fatigued
  • Numbness
  • Restless
  • Reduced productivity
  • Fear of failure & rejection
  • Feel no emotions
  • Lack of passion or motivation
  • Unable to complete daily tasks
  • Spend excessive time alone
Consistency is key

Break the stigma

You are enough

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Don’t give up

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