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No good deed goes unpunished

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have organized themselves in groups of like-minded individuals helping others while fighting wild animals and winning wars. So, it’s in our DNA to organize ourselves into tribes – families, friends, hockey teams – to have some fun and look out for each other. And in today’s world, having someone’s back also means helping someone who is struggling with their mental health.

Anger: The canary in the coal mine

The phrase “the canary in the coal mine” originated from the early 1900s when miners would bring caged canaries into coal mines to alert them when toxic gases like carbon monoxide were collecting. The canary’s early warning signal allowed the miners to escape impending danger. Your anger is that canary.

Mental agility: Turn trials into triumph

Seismic-shifting events happening right now that are changing many lives and impacting our mental agility. The question is, are you able to turn the obstacles you’re facing into favourable circumstances? Or are you only seeing the negative, letting shit overwhelm you and beat you down? Regardless of what 2020 has thrown our way so far, there will always be hardships in life and having the mental agility to find the opportunity in every crisis will enable you to succeed.

Live in high function

At Manifest, we define someone with high function as a person who achieves both their internal goals (being your best self) and external goals (living your best life) by maintaining a healthy state of mind and employing the right mental skills.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Report cards, performance appraisals, 360 reviews…from a young age, we are conditioned to measure our efforts. And you know what? It works. Measuring keeps us accountable and focused. Also, guys love measuring stuff (and we don’t mean pulling out the tape measure to build a shed or compare the length of various body parts). We mean guys’ practical nature makes us naturally responsive to stats, numbers, data, and graphs. Performance metrics gives us the information we need to improve and succeed.

How to establish good habits and break bad ones

Since ancient Babylon, the ringing in of a new year has been associated with the practice of setting resolutions to improve our lives by offering sacrifices and promising good behaviour in the future. In theory, it’s a good practice to check in with ourselves and set intentions about the life we want in the upcoming year – except so many of us fail. But why is that? It’s all about habits.

Relearning Relationships: How to Build the One You Want

We’re all busy working (or looking for work), parenting and/or teaching at home, stressing about bills and worldwide uncertainty. But despite the pressures of today, it’s the quality of the relationship you have with your significant other that has the most impact on your quality of life.

Fix your Shit

We’re all after some degree of success – whether it’s getting that job, money or ideal partner. And the key to winning in life is being mentally strong enough to handle the shit that life throws at you so you can pursue your full potential.